Photography / Poetry (2016- )

steps is an intimate journey through queer and trans* identity. Gradually ebbing gently outward from the seclusion and safety of home, this collection is a journal of ten, thirty, a thousand paces and more. A kind of kindred spirit to Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons, a few sample poems and images follow.


steps 15:  waterfalls

thin straplines feint lull hush-flush flux precipice
slain tow strain low swain bow whoa-throe flow


steps 2:   tongues

tattle prattle rattle hail thy loves’ juju no more
plunge to thine bone and lies flail flesh flat out


steps ~:  blood

rip it up pip it up zip it up lip it on in
ho yip jo dip so sip go clip-it nom on